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soil evaluation

Soil Evaluation

Soil evaluation is one of the requirements of designing a new sewage disposal system. Test holes are dug in the location of the leaching facility and a percolation test is performed. The results of the soil evaluation are submitted to the property owner and the town Health Department.

A soil evaluation is required for any new construction or sewage disposal system upgrade or expansion.

Sewage Disposal System Inspections

sewage disposal

Title 5 may require that a septic system be inspected any of the following reasons:

bullet A property is sold, subdivided , combined or transferred in any way.

bullet There is a change in use or expansion of the property.

bullet A local Health Department or DEP mandates it.

An inspection must be performed by a State approved inspector and is valid for 2 years. A report must be completed and filed with the local Health Department. In addition, many Health Departments have their own forms to complete as well as fees for reviewing the reports.