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New House Design

Whether you have a specific idea of what you want to build or you are looking for design input from the beginning, our Home Planning and Design Department can provide you with the drawings and specifications you need to provide a builder with to begin your home.

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Additions & Renovations

Looking to expand your living space with a family room, sunroom, or porch? Do you want to reconfigure the interior of your house to create a space more suitable to the way we all live today? Ryder & Wilcox’s Home Planning and Design Department can help you achieve the space and look you want to live in.

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Garages, Guesthouses & Outbuildings

A garage is something that many who have homes on the Cape do not have on their property. Guesthouses can be a terrific alternative to expanding an existing home that may have limitations.
Take a look at what some folks have done.

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