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Flood Elevation Certifications

An Elevation Certificate is an important tool of the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA). To obtain flood insurance for dwelling located in or near 100-year flood zones as defined by Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) a Flood Elevation Certificate will be required. The Certificate must be signed and stamped by a Land Surveyor, Engineer or Architect.

Boundary survey


Boundary Survey

A survey made in order to establish or to reestablish a boundary line.

Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

A survey made in order to create a plan showing the relief, or elevations and inequalities of a land surface, and the location of existing natural and artificial objects. Engineers and Architects often require a Topographic Survey prior to design development.

Construction layout


Construction Layout

A survey made essential to the planning, execution and recording of a construction project.


Land Court Survey

A survey made in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2006 Manual of Instructions to be filed with Land Court.

Right of Way Easement

A plan made in order to describe a right of use or interest which one person has in the land of another.

Expert Witness

When knowledge of a technical subject matter might be helpful to a trier of fact, a person having special training or experience in that technical field, called an expert witness, is permitted to state his or her opinion concerning those technical matters even though he or she was not present at the event. In the areas of Surveying and Engineering, Ryder & Wilcox has experience in providing Expert Witness Testimony.