Land, Marine and Civil Surveying and Engineering, Septic System Design, House Plans, Cape Cod, MA

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Construction layout

Erosion Control Analysis and Design

With over 20 years of experience on waterfront projects, Ryder and Wilcox can develop not only the best but also the most appropriate solution for the numerous types of waterfront settings on Cape Cod.


Topographic Survey

Shorefront Protection

Cape Cod experiences an ever-changing coastline. There are a variety of shorefront protection solutions including stone revetments, bulkheads, gabions and biodegradable “soft solutions” (i.e.: fiber rolls, bank re-contouring, vegetation management, off-shore marsh restoration).



Pier, Dock & Stairway

Pier and dock design in saltwater or freshwater, with first hand knowledge of the various design requirements and regulations of the various local Conservation Commissions. To provide access to water for recreational purposes Ryder and Wilcox provides stairway design over coastal banks and inland banks including elevated timber stairways and “dug-in” timber stairs.

environmental permits

Environmental Permits

We have knowledge and experience in all phases of environmental permittingfrom the local Conservation Commissions and Zoning Boards to State and Federal licenses and permits including DEP Chapter 91 Licenses, Army Corps of Engineers Permits, MEPA Certificates, Coastal Zone Management Review and Water Quality Certificates.